In operation the first competence center for the digital Health PYTHeIA

The first Greek Competence center for the digital Health and the digital Education of Health, began it’s operation. It is about one out of the 12 Competence Centers, co-financed from the General Secretary Research and Innovation of the Ministry of Development and Investments and one of the two in the sector of Health and Medicine in the whole Greece.

For the first time in Greece, Universities and private companies, unite the academical knowledge with the realism of the real market and they collaborate upon one Cooperative Formation of Innovation, so that via a two-way interaction, they will transfer applied know-how and at the same time, they will chart the digital needs of the value chain at the sector of Health, aiming to the necessary (now) transformation of the organizations, enterprises and the education of all the participants as well.

The partnership of PYTHeIA consists of 3 Universities (of Thessaly, Ionian and Aegean) and 7 companies that activate at the sector of digital applications, of the Biological research and bioinformatics, of the education and certification, of the business advisors and the development of the entrepreneurship and marketing.

In the sector of Health, PYTHeIA through its partners, recognize the modern need of solving the errors that exist during the forecast, the diagnosis and the management of the human diseases, the necessary medical data interface and the untapped wealth that they produce. The aim of the Competence Center PYTHeIA is to create and provide algorithms and digital applications that will bring many benefits to the patients, to the relevant research community, the professionals, the researchers and the optimizing the efficiency of businesses and organizations.

PYTHeIA, by combining the long-term experience and know-how of their partners in the sector of education, expertise and certificate, upgrades, moderns and designs again its educational programs. By adjusting to the modern needs of the interprofessionalism, interdisciplinarity and the reskilling/upskilling of the professions of Health and of the wide audience as well, PYTHeIA provides modern educational material to the sector of Health using the latest technological developments of Virtual/Augmented Reality.

“Neither the name of the Competence Center nor the group of the Universities and the enterprises that consist it were chosen randomly” mentions the General Director of the Competence Center , Dr. Vasilis Kotsikoris, molecular Biologist, with wide experience on research and entrepreneurship, and he explains.

 The group of the Universities and the companies that consist the form of PYTHeIA understands the need of the digital transformation of the sector of Health and also the way of its education, and just like a modern fortune teller, it comes today, to predict the future of Health, provide future solutions, but these are not ambiguous and difficult to understand- like those oracles of Pytheia in the Ancient Greece, in contrast, they are in point and efficient.

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