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Bioinn, Single-cell RNA-sequencing

Single-cell RNA-sequencing has transformed biomedical research, yet it faces computational analysis challenges. Navigating the vast data dimensions poses several issues, with gene selection methods being paramount.

Our platform, Bioinn​, adeptly pinpoints dominant genes within scRNA-seq datasets, integrating over 15 tailored feature extraction techniques.  A standout feature of this app is its ensemble approach, which empowers users to craft their unique method by amalgamating one technique from each category. This tool offers an in-depth analysis of top genes, gauging their predictive accuracy and their association with various biological and drug-related ontologies. Additionally, visual aids like KEGG pathways and PPI networks offer a holistic perspective on the identified genes.

Given its wide-ranging functionalities, Bioinn stands as a comprehensive guide for uncovering and understanding transcriptional markers for intricate diseases through scRNA-seq research.

The application is available here.

Bioinn RNA Sequencing and Genetic Analysis

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